We greatly value your safety and patronage. For this reason we want to ensure all customers renting a 4WD from Britz are fully aware of key safety considerations.


The following points are vital to your safety:

  • Always drive within your capability
  • Do not make travel times and distances too excessive
  • Do not drive at night
  • Adjust gear range and tyre pressure to suit conditions
  • Observe safety information stickers in vehicle
  • If you are tired, take a break
  • Be aware of changing road conditions and road closures
  • Stay on the tracks and report remote travel plans to an official or the nearest police station
  • EPIRB should be carried with you when leaving the vehicle
  • It’s advisable to carry 3–4lt of drinking water per person per day
  • Carrying a satellite phone is strongly advised

Irresponsible and/or careless use of 4WD vehicles can result in serious injury or death. Please exercise due caution while driving your Britz 4WD.

While your safety is our main concern, we must also look after our vehicles to ensure that we can service future customer bookings. While our vehicles are purpose built, they will not withstand abuse, negligent treatment or reckless driving, and you should note that breaching the conditions agreed to in your rental contract may not only endanger you and your passengers, but also put you at significant financial risk and responsibility.


We specifically remind you of your responsibilities under the Exclusions clause of your Britz Rental Agreement, this clause informs you when (irrespective of liability option taken) you will NOT be covered.


4WD vehicles can be driven on recognised sealed tracks.


Written permission is required from Britz to travel into the areas listed below:

  • Simpson Desert
  • Strzelecki Track
  • Gunbarrel Highway
  • Cape York (between the months of December to May)
  • The Bungle Bungles
  • Oodnadatta Track
  • Tanami Track
  • Gibb River Road
  • Plenty Highway
  • Birdsville Track
  • Burke Development Road (from Chillagoe to Normanton)
  • Savannah Way (from Normanton to Borroloola)
  • Finke Road (between Alice Springs and Oodnadatta)
  • Central Arnhem Road
  • Arnhem Land
  • Chambers Pillar

In addition, we remind you that Britz 4WD vehicles are NOT permitted in the following areas under any circumstance:

  • The Canning Stock Route
  • The old Telegraph Track section of the road to CapeYork (however the bypass is permissible providing permission is provided)
  • The Old Gunbarrel Highway
  • Boggy Hole (Finke Gorge National Park)
  • Fraser Island
  • The Lost City in Litchfield Park
  • Old South Road from Maryvale to Finke
  • Ghan Heritage Road (from Titjkala to Finke)


You are responsible for all damage if travelling on these roads.


The use of 4WD vehicles is also restricted as defined in Use of the Vehicle clause (point 3) of your Britz Rental Agreement.  


We are confident that our customers who exercise caution and prudence while hiring our 4WD vehicles will have a safe and carefree journey into the best of the Australian outback. We enforce these rules for your safety and to ensure the availability of our vehicles for future customers.

Should you breach the road restriction rules by taking a 4WD vehicle on a restricted road a fee of $300 on each occasion that is identified will apply.